Sets in Motion – Documenting female wakeboarders around the world

Pro-wakeboarder and all-around outstanding athlete Amber Wing’s film project “Sets in Motion” follows and documents the accomplishments of female wakeboarders around the globe.

Regarded as one of the best wakeboarders in the world, Ms Wing is a role model for young female athletes and she is bringing attention to female accomplishments in the world of watersports.

For months now, she has been filming girls competing, riding, or just practicing watersports and then featuring these webisodes on Oakleywomen’s YouTube channel. There’s also a feature on her project on the Malibu Boats website. Amber saw all the talent and dedication that was around her, and realized that most of it was going unnoticed.

“Women in wakeboarding don’t get asked to film or aren’t included in any filming projects, and there’s maybe 3 or 4 guys ones every year, so I wanted to create a platform and a project for the girls that’s going to be timeless and online and for everyone to see forever,” she says on the Oakley website.

We at InterMarine are certain that Ms Wing’s project will succeed in bringing the spotlight to these bright, talented, and strong young women.

One thought on “Sets in Motion – Documenting female wakeboarders around the world

  1. Reblogged this on Boat-Her and commented:
    This is the project that really got the Boat-Her blog idea going in my head. Meet Amber Wing, pro-wakeboarder who spent some time filming other female wakeboarders and documenting their achievements. Being the author of the original post, I feel perfectly comfortable reblogging it here.
    Let me know your thoughts on Mrs Wing’s project!

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