Intermarine is recipient of “Best of Dania 2015” Awards

From the offical “Local Best” Press Release for the Dania Beach Award Program

InterMarine Boats is proud to have been selected for the 2015 Best of Dania Beach Award in the Boat Dealers category by the Dania Beach Award Program.

Each year, the Dania Beach Award Program identifies companies that have achieved exceptional success in their local community and business category, enhancing the positive image of local business through service to their customers and the community. These exceptional companies help make the Dania Beach area a great place to live, work and play.

Winner of the 2015 Dania Beach Award Program are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Dania Beach Award Program and data provided by third parties.

InterMarine has been the recipient of various awards over our 20 year history, demonstrating our commitment to superb customer service and professional sales processes. Some of the more recent awards include:

  • Best of Dania 2015, Boat Dealers Category
  • Top 10 Dealer for Chaparral Boats, 2015
  • No. 2 Chaparral Dealer in the World, 2014
  • Best Performer or the Year for Jeanneau Power Boats, 2014

We’re grateful to everyone who is part of our team and works with us everyday to continue making our company a success.

Four Winns innovates again and again

Rec Boat Holdings, home of the Four Winns brands and part of the Benneteau group, just held their 2015-2016 Dealer Meeting in Sarasota, Florida. The company continues to demonstrate their commitment to innovation with not only a new boat series and new model additions, but a new meeting structure as well.

The new meeting structure offered dealers more information than ever before, with speakers and seminars included in the schedule.

InterMarine crew got to test drive the all-new Four Winns HD270, which will be available in both sterndrive and outboard options, and comes equipped with an enclosed head and other amenities for a comfortable day out on the water. This year’s dealer meeting also saw an addition to the TS series with the TS242, a larger version of the TS222. This boat line features the cutting-edge technology of Volvo Penta’s FWD Drive. Last but not least, we saw an addition to the Vista cabin cruiser series with the 255V, following in the footsteps of immensely popular 275V.

While the HD270 is part of a new line that will see new models in the future, the TS242 and the 255 Vista are tentatively scheduled to make appearances at this year’s Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, inside the Bahia Mar Marina on the H Docks. Look for slips 831-835 for a sneak-peek at these brand-new boats from Four Winns.

New Four Winns HD 270 bowrider

This HD270 is the first of a new series of bowriders from Four Winns.

Maintaining your Everglades Center Console

Intermarine new dealer for Everglades Fort Lauderdale

Owning an Everglades Center Console is an exceptional experience. Unsinkable build and upscale details make this luxury fishing boat a pleasure to own. How can you make sure that your investment is well-protected? Here is an outline of recommended Everglades boat maintenance coming direct from the factory.

Daily Maintenance

  • After using your boat, always wash the exterior with boat soap and fresh water.
  • Wipe down all surfaces with a soft cloth to eliminate water spots.
  • Flush motor/generator with fresh water. NOTE: never directly spray motors, components or electrical wiring!

Monthly Maintenance

  • Wax and polish all stainless steel parts.
  • Check and grease all seals in access hatches/deck plates.
  • Wax hull with fiberglass wax.
  • Wax all powder coat parts.
  • Add fuel stabilizer if storing vessel for more than seven days.
  • Refer to engine manufacturer for maintenance schedule.
  • Cycle all ball valves open/closed to ensure working condition.
  • Check and/or clean battery post connections.

Annual Maintenance

  • Inspect all fuel connections.
  • Inspect all steering connections.
  • Inspect and check connections on batteries.
  • Inspect all hoses to check for leaks or faults.
  • Inspect props and lower units for damage or excessive wear.
  • Inspect waste system for correct operation.

Other Things to Know…

  • It is recommended that you wash and wax all exposed fiberglass surfaces at least four times a year. This helps to extend the life of the gel coat finish.
  • Never use the windshield wiper if the windshield is not wet. Dried salt or dirt on the windshield can scratch the glass.
  • Never apply wax or buffing compound to a gel coat surface in direct sunlight.
  • Never use any polish containing lemon or lemon scents on vinyl. The lemon juice will attack the vinyl and cause it to deteriorate.
  • Avoid getting sun tan oil, lotions, waxes and polishes that contain oils and dyes. These can cause stiffening and staining of vinyls.

Following these maintenance tips can help keep your Everglades center console luxury fishing boat in tip-top shape for many years to come. InterMarine’s Service Department can help take care of any and all of these maintenance steps for you if you prefer to just set your boat in the water and go play. See our information at the end of this article to book an appointment.

Happy Boating!

InterMarine Boat Sales & Service Center:
4550 Anglers Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
(954) 894-9895 or (866) 725-7495
Service Manager: Carlos Vaitiekunas
General Manager: Rick DuBois

Additional Sales and Service Centers:
InterMarine Dania Beach Waterfront Sales Showroom
320 N. Federal Highway
Dania Beach, FL 33004
(954) 922-5500

InterMarine Jupiter Sales & Service Center
19157 S.E. Federal Highway
Jupiter, FL 33469
(561) 747-0005

We sell and service Bayliner boats, Chaparral boats, Four Winns boats, Jeanneau power boats, Everglades center console, and Prestige Yachts in all of the Florida East Coast.

Content: Denise Ciparro for InterMarine, Inc.

Maintenance information courtesy of Everglades Boats.

Boating Safely during Labor Day weekend

It’s Labor Day weekend, and many people take to the water with their boats, family, and friends for a day spent on our favorite pasttime: boating.

In order to ensure that everyone remains safe, here are some important boating safety tips taken directly from the United States Coast Guard.

  1. First and foremost:  BOAT SOBER!!! Remember that a boat is a very large moving vehicle without brakes. It is imperative that the person operating the boat has all their senses about them. Hire a captain if you absolutely must- the expense is well worth your life and that of those around you.
  2. Wear your life life jackets. “Having a life jacket onboard and not wearing it is like having a seat belt in a car and not having it on.” According to Coast Guard Lt. Mike Cortese, over 80 percent of boating deaths happen to people not wearing life jackets. Don’t wait for something to happen, because by then, it will be too late.
  3. Make a float plan. Before going out on your boat, write down what kind of vessel you’ll be on, who will be on it, and where will it be going. Then, leave this plan with a friend or family member. This way, if you were to go missing, authorities will have accurate information to start their search. Go to the USCG website and download the fillable form .
  4. Use an EPIRB. This piece of equipment can help the Coast Guard locate your vessel via satellite signals if you need to be rescued. We recently featured an article by Captain Tony on the subject of marine emergency signaling devices.
  5. No Speeding!! Once again, remember that your boat doesn’t have any brakes, and neither do the other boats around you. Imagine how much harder it is to stop and maneuver on the water than on dry land if you are speeding where you are not supposed to!
  6. Perform boat and equipment safety checks. There is a series of things that need to be on board and in good working condition prior to departure. Make sure you look over everything to ensure you are prepared. The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary has a virtual boat safety checklist on their website, and you can even make an appointment for them to check things out for you.
  7. Useful apps. The Coast Guard has an app that offers everything from reporting if a boat is in distress to how to create a float plan. Get it, and use it.

Carelessness can cause a beautiful day on the water to turn disastrous. It is imperative that you and your guests take precautions to be safe on the water. Ignoring these basic precautions just isn’t worth the risk!

For more information on boating safety visit

This article was based on information published by the Miami Herald.

Boat manufacturers look to extend the summer boating season with longer sales

Here in South Florida where InterMarine is located, every day of the year is boating season. But for just about everyone else, the boating season is coming to an end as summertime comes to a close. Kids go back to school, temperatures begin to drop, and leaves begin to change colors. Before you know it, these boaters stuck in northern climates will have to winterize their boats and put them away until next year.

That’s why it’s understandable that everyone wants to extend their summer. Naturally, it also stands to reason that some of the best boat buying deals outside of boat shows will be found off-season, much like the way holiday ornaments go on sale right after Christmas. Accordingly, many boat manufacturers are extending their summer sales in hopes of snatching up off-season buyers who want to be ahead of the game for next year. There is also the fact that 2016 models are coming out soon, and dealers will being efforts to offload their 2015 inventory, making things even more appealing for the consumer.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that two of our boat lines have extended their summertime promotions: Bayliner and Chaparral.

bayliner-scorching-summer-saleBayliner is one of the best choices for entry-level boaters and those looking for a practical and affordable boating solution. They specialize in family-friendly bowriders and deckboats in addition to their award-winning, unique line of Element boats (which includes the Element XL and the newly-launched XR7 “pontoon-style” boat). Bayliner has just extended their Scorching Summer Sale through September 13th. This applies to select bowriders and deck boats and offers the buyer savings up to $2,500 and 5 years extended warranty. Please be sure to contact us for all the details.

Chaparral Summer Sale is backOn the other hand, we have Chaparral, who has been establishing itself as one of the highest-quality boats in the industry over the last few years. Chaparral has been taking over the market once ruled by brands like Sea Ray. Chaparral boats’ Kevlar construction, signature quilted-interiors, limited lifetime hull warranty, and well-appointed interiors with an upscale feel are all testaments to this boat builder’s commitment to excellence. Fancy wording aside: Chaparral boats are beautiful, stylish, and well-made. Chaparral is celebrating their 50th year in the boat-building business by bringing back their Golden Anniversary Sales Event through September 14th, 2015. Customers buying 2015 and older in stock inventory during this period will qualify to earn a 5-year engine and component warranty and specific cash incentives available on remaining, non-current (2013/2014) field inventory. Again, we urge you to contact us directly for all the details and information, as there are restrictions.

If you are considering buying a new boat or trading up, now’s the time to act. Whether you are looking to buy a new boat or a used boat, you are sure to find some of the best deals around. InterMarine is the certified dealer for six different brands-  Bayliner, Chaparral, Four Winns, Everglades, Jeanneau, and Prestige Yachts- in addition to having a well-rounded selection of used boats for sale, so it is fairly certain that you will find exactly what you are looking for at some of the best prices around.

Intermarine has been a top boat dealer for 20 yearsInterMarine Boat Sales
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320 N. Federal Hwy, Dania Beach FL 33004 – Tel (954) 922-5500
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— Written by Denise Ciparro for InterMarine, Inc.

Hurricane Preparedness

Back in June, Captain Tony P wrote an article on hurricane preparedness for boaters. With Tropical Storm Erika heading our way, we thought it would be a good time to review some hurricane precautions.

For boaters:
– Use plenty of duct tape to secure hatches, drawers, cabinets, vents for fuel and water tanks, seams in doors and windows, etc.
– Make sure to have extra lines for your boat and bring it inland if you can.
Read this document from the U.S. Power Squadron.

Other items to have on hand:

– Water for 3 days per person
– Non-perishable items like canned goods, peanut butter, energy bars
– Candles and matches
– Flashlights and extra batteries
– Prescriptions refills
– Toiletry items and a first-aid kit

And other things you might want to do, in addition to putting up shutters:
– Top up the gas in your cars
– Bring toys, bikes, plants, etc indoors
– Get extra cash from the ATM

This list is by no means exhaustive. Please refer to the NOAA for more information and prepare now. Even if the storm misses us, you’ll feel more relaxed and you’ll be better prepared for the next one.

Written by Denise Ciparro for

InterMarine Boat Sales is an award-winning marine dealer

2015 Chaparral Dealer Meeting

InterMarine and Chaparral management at the 51st Chaparral Dealer Meeting.

Chaparral Boats held their 51st annual dealer meeting at the Vinoy Renaissance Resort in Petersburg, Fla this past August 12-14. InterMarine, Inc. was awarded a Top-Ten Dealer Award this year to continue our string of awards for outstanding boat sales. We are very proud of this accomplishment and grateful for all the support we receive from the manufacturers we represent.

This year’s dealer meeting with Chaparral was more product-focused than in the past and allowed for more hands-on time on the new boats. InterMarine crew was able to test Chaparral’s new Suncoast 230 and 210, the 237 SSX, and the 327 SSX.

In the words of Ann Baldree, VP of Sales at Chaparral…. “the 2016 model year is going to be a great year for all of us. Because… the best is yet to come!”