Skippers Corner: Hurricane Season is here

boats stacked up after hurricane

Don’t let your boat end up here! Photo belongs to

If you’re a new boat owner you may have read the reports that the Hurricane Forecasters are predicting a slower than normal season of storms this year and consequently, the risks are lower than normal. However, one must not forget that Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida during one of these “slow” periods so we must not leave our guard down.

Most insurance companies require that the boat owner provide them with a Hurricane Plan. Hurricane plans should include consideration of the security of your marina or dock location. When formulating a Hurricane Plan either the boat owner or his/her captain needs to understand these storms, specifically, what their affect will be on the location where the boat is located, anticipated storm direction, strength and forward speed. A well done Hurricane Plan addresses all of these factors.

Hurricane season started on June 1st so if you haven’t already developed a Hurricane Plan, now is the time to do so.
For boats that are in (inside) dry storage, they stand almost no chance in an older dry storage building above a Category 2 Hurricane. However, some of the newer buildings are constructed to withstand winds of up to 200 MPH so check with your marina/storage manager for construction and ask if the building can stand Hurricane Force winds up to x MPH.

If you want your boat to survive a Hurricane and are willing to spend time toward understanding how to best protect your boat then you stand a fair probability of avoiding extensive damage to your boat.

Don’t be a procrastinator when it comes to Hurricane Preparedness. The time to prepare is now.

Here is a very useful source of information from the United States Power Squadron.

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