The 2014 Palm Beach Boat Show was beyond spectacular

The Palm Beach Boat Show is a show of the spectacular, the luxurious and the upscale, set to the background of the beautiful and buzzing Downtown West Palm Beach.

People love to come and browse, and that is a-ok with us. We love to meet new people. But during this year’s show, we were amazed by the dedication of the boaters in this crowd. We had buyers who literally battled the wind and rain to get to the yacht they wanted.

All our displays were built with the utmost care and enthusiasm. We saw Prestige and Jeanneau really shine as several knowledgeable buyers snapped up 50′ and 62′ yachts as well as the sophisticated Jeanneau NC11. This crowd understand stylish leisure and this shows in the offers that were made on several of Chaparral’s elegant cabin cruisers.

During this year’s show, attendance numbers bettered last year’s by 15% and it is estimated that $92M were poured into the area. We are so happy to have had the opportunity to meet so many of you.



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