Another successful Intermarine Escapades trip recently accomplished – this time off to Bimini Bahamas

The group made up of fifteen boats staged at the Port Everglades basin and departed for Bimini shortly after 9AM with the Flagship vessel a Prestige 62 Flybridge leading the way and the Intermarine support boat with Captain Tony P at the controls taking the tail-gunner (last boat in line) position. The weather couldn’t be better with seas at less than 2 feet for the crossing along with a bright sunny day.

Bimini came into view just a couple of hours later, the group entered the harbor and made its way to the beautiful Bimini Bay Resort where the professional and courteous dock staff was eagerly awaiting to assist us with docking and clearing customs.  The group spent the rest of the day exploring the restaurants, beaches and pools of Bimini Bay Resort. Later that afternoon the group enjoyed a nice dinner at the docks where they got to meet and get to know each other.

Day two found the group headed out to Three Sisters Rocks for a morning of snorkeling and just fun-in-the-sun!. Snorkeling around three sisters rocks was fun and we saw a variety of tropical fish and some conch shells on the bottom. The depth ranged from 6 feet to over 10 feet so there was something for everyone to do. After snorkeling some of the group went their own way with some heading to Bimini Bay and others went on to explore the nearby waters. Intermarine sponsored a wonderful dinner at the docks that evening.

Day three we headed to the wreck of the Sapona for more snorkeling. The SS Sapona was a concrete-hulled cargo steamer that ran aground near Bimini during a hurricane in 1926. The wreck of the ship is easily visible above the water and is a popular dive site for those that visit Bimini. During World War II, the wreck was used for target practice and this is the last known position for US Navy Flight 19 that vanished while returning from a bombing run on the Sapona and the nearby Hens and Chickens shoals.The ship was also figured as a key setting in Ian Fleming’s novel, “Thunderball.”

Later that afternoon we headed south for a few miles to Honeymoon Harbor for more fun-in-the-sun. Honeymoon Harbor is a small anchorage on the north end of Gun Cay located about eight miles south of Bimini. This is a favorite stop for boaters looking for an afternoon of sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling. The waters in the harbor were teeming with life on the day we were there with numerous stingrays being hand fed by our Intermarine Escapades team. For many this was the highlight of the trip!

The return trip on the next morning was done under good sunny weather conditions. All boats performed great and the group returned with many happy memories of another Intermarine Escapades.

Our next Escapdes is set for July 20th for a ten day trip to the Exuma Islands of the Bahamas. Thos interested in joining us please contact Jennifer at our Jupiter office.

Till the next time!
Authored by Capt. Tony P.

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