Intermarine, bringing friends and families together

People enjoying the sunsetNot many things bring friends and families together like boating. Whether it’s a day on the water or weeks at sea, there are always new experiences that will give memories that will last a lifetime.

At Intermarine, we don’t just sell and service boats- we sell and promote a lifestyle. On any given day we look out the window of our offices and see the happy families strolling down the docks with their gear ready for a day of fun on the water. One of the best sights is the children. They come in running and jumping, full of anticipation of what the day will bring.

When most people think of boating they think it’s something that’s out of reach. Nothing could be further from the truth. A small runabout is all it takes to get a family out on the water. Some families never think of the enjoyment that only the boating lifestyle can bring. To see the look in a new owner’s face is priceless.

The moment they sign the papers you can see the happiness in their eyes. Then the whole family walks out to their new owned pride, and you just know a new chapter of their life is about to begin. It’s great to get that first call when they just tell us how much fun they had.

No matter what your boating fantasy is, Intermarine has a boat to fill your needs. From fishing to water-skiing (or if what you really want is a yacht), we’ve got you covered. Come in and see our inventory or view it online. Let the fun and the good memories begin!

2011 Larson 850 LX

Happy customers accepting delivery of their 2011 Larson 850


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